Terms And Conditions

"Fun Not Fear® " is a part of the company known as "Locke's Dogs" and will be referred to as "Locke's Dogs" henceforth.

Discounts and special offers must be discussed at the time of booking.

Booking- To find out how you can invest in our services, and how we can help you, please book a complementary discovery call at a time to suit you here. 


Payment- I accept Paypal or card payment over the phone at the time of booking.

I do not accept cheques or cash payments in person. 

By purchasing our services, you agree to use our services under the terms and conditions within this document.

Your bill, upon payment, will in the case of 121 behaviour and training package purchases secure you a code and a link to our online booking facility, to be sent to you automatically by email. This code will authorise you access to book sessions on our calendar, to the amount of and type of sessions that you purchased. The code can be redeemed at any point within 180 days after payment is made. After 180 days the code will expire.

Note - Your sessions do not need to be within the 180 day period after payment. These can be at any time/date that is available on the calendar  - but the booking must be finalised within 180 days.

Your bill is payable at the time of booking. 

Refunds & Cancellations - In the unlikely event that I need to cancel an appointment, I will endeavour to give at least 24 hours notice. If I need to cancel with less than 24 hours, I will offer you a new time as replacement for the missed session, plus an extra free session by way of an apology.

In the case of extreme weather conditions, we reserve the right to postpone your session or to change location of the session until conditions are more suitable, without penalty to ourselves or additional cost to you, so you can get the most value from your sessions and for the safety of your dog.  

If you need to cancel your appointment, and there is more than 24 hours notice given, then you can rearrange your appointment using your link to our calendar. If there is less than 24 hours notice given, then you will need to contact Locke's Dogs to rearrange your session and you will still be chargeable for the missed session except in exceptional circumstances at the sole discretion of Locke's Dogs.

Locke's Dogs do not give refunds for monies already paid. Locke's Dogs do not give credit. 

However, in the unlikely event you feel that Locke's Dogs have in any way failed you or your dog, and you have adhered to the training/action plan provided by Locke's Dogs, then we are of course keen to resolve any issues you may have and welcome a conversation at any point to discuss a resolution.

For clients undertaking behavioural modification training for their dog:  

On the day of your first consultation, please have as many people involved with the dog attend as possible, as everyone will need to work together to create an action plan, and all be "on the same page" and in agreement on how we move the dog forward. 

We will likely spend up to 2 hours during the initial consultation so do allow enough time. 

I may want you to take videos leading up to the consultation of certain behaviours. A video will be useful in this case - but only if it is safe to take one, and do not put the dog in a situation where he is stressed on purpose, just to get a video.  Do not try to take a video if you are the sole adult handler with the dog. If it is not possible to get a video we can work without one.

I will make notes while we are together, and together we will come up with a plan of action to help the dog, that suits everyone. I will provide you with you a copy of our agreed plans via our Fun Not Fear® School online facilities, and of course, you can contact me at any time via Facebook or call my mobile number 07910748037 (if i do not answer straight away i will call back within 48 hours.). 

Further sessions can be arranged as necessary.

For clients undertaking virtual services, please also read further terms and conditions here.

Insurance- I have full insurance with Petplan Sanctuary, but I accept no responsibility for any damage your pet causes to you, your home or your belongings, or any other person. Your pet remains your sole responsibility.

Data & Confidentiality - Locke's Dogs understands that not everyone wants the world to know if they are having canine conundrums. Unless required by law, public interest or you give your consent, information which you supply will be kept confidential. The only data we keep is that which is vital to helping you to help your dog. 

All data is collected by Locke's Dogs, held in a locked file digitally, and is only accessible to myself (Freya Locke). I keep an individual case file, for each client, with details of the dog's case study, action plans and any progress reports, the owners name and contact details, the vet the animal is registered with, and these details are to be held for twelve months from the last contact with the client. This is to ensure continuity of care should you resume behavioural support with Locke's Dogs. After this time, the client's case file will be permanently deleted from Locke's Dogs system. You can find our  full data policy information here

From time to time, Locke's Dogs might want to publish a brief case study on our social media or website. We will never do this without first seeking your permission to do so.

Disclaimer - Locke's Dogs  - Behaviourist & Trainer gives advice on how to deal with Canine Behaviour issues. For each case, a plan of action will be discussed with the dog's carer, taking into account the dog and their carer's situation, to help their dog move forward. 

Locke's Dogs expects the carer to comply with their advice. If the carer does not comply, or after discussion continues to disregard Locke's Dogs' advice, then Locke's Dogs has the right to discontinue treatment. 

Clients enter into this agreement on the understanding that Locke's Dogs gives advice only and bears no responsibility for the outcome of the dog and the dog's behaviour. We believe any person or company who guarantees the behaviour of a sentient animal is at best irresponsible and does not understand the concept of sentience.