1. A massive thank you to LOCKES DOGS for caring for my beautiful old boy today, he was calm,safe and entertained without stress or worry for any of us whilst we had a crazy girlie craft party! Huge thanks to Freya Locke and her helper this week Aedan Locke for doing such a wonderful job today!
  2. Freya has worked wonders with both our mums pup and my old boy! 
    My dog is 10, the last 5 years he’s REALLY struggled with fireworks and thunder storms. Pants, climbs all over us, tries to hide in covers, gets himself in such a state. It breaks my heart. After a day of terrible storms, under Freya’s guidance she managed to help him calm down massively! She supported him through what was clearly scary for him. 
    The methods and time she invested in him in that time gave me the tools to support him when away from her.
    Today I was in the garden clearing away kids Toys and he was outside with me DURING a storm! Slightly panting but not my stressed and petrified soul like before! Simple AMAZING!!!! 

Tracy & Paul

Freya has been amazing supporting us with our two dogs.
Very patient and has some great training techniques easy to follow.
Freya has gone the extra mile with us and is always on the end of a message for support She has also made lots of follow up chats with us on our progress very supportive 
Thank you for being so amazing ????
Highly recommend

Fran B.

Freya has been a great help to me and my dog George.. she has helped me understand and learn loose leash walking.. It's ongoing work but he is so much better in such a short space of time.. Her calm gentle approach and canine understanding makes her so easy to work with.. George adores being in her company and looks forward to his walks with her. I highly recommend her services. Thankyou Freya, you're a star!


Molly enjoyed her 1st walk with Freya Locke and Aedan and looking forward to many more Thankyou x


so far iv only managed one lesson due to some personal issues but just in one lesson you were amazing your so
kind and bea and ernie (at the end)absolutely loved you 
so thankyou definitely recommend xx


Thankyou Freya for all your help & advice. You really do go above and beyond. No hesitations in recommending Freya. 5*