Louise Laird

Just had a discovery call with Freya about integrating our second cockerpoo into our family. She was amazing! So knowledgeable and super helpful. I would recommend her to anyone looking to train their dogs or just learn more about their behaviors.
Thank you so much Freya!!!

Holly c

"We’re grateful to Freya for helping us with our puppy training.

Our little one enjoyed all the treats, games and meeting Freya!

It’s clear she has an affinity with dogs and loves what she does. We were given lots of tips and having the training in the home environment was great as our dog was comfortable with her surroundings while learning.

Help can also be sought from the Facebook group. We recommend Locke’s Dogs."

Lynne & Martin White

"Feeling extremely tired and very frustrated with the initial weeks of having a puppy in our lives, I was recommended to contact Locke's Dogs.  I left a message and was contacted straight away by an extremely friendly and knowledgeable person at the other end of the phone who was prepared to help me immediately - Freya's main concern was not only my welfare but definitely that of our pup.  She provided sound advise with valuable technics as to how to deal and resolve the 'here and now' situation.

With a calm attitude and expertise knowledge Freya immediately came up with a plan to implement and achieve a thorough night's sleep for me and the pup....and it worked on night 1 and slowly but surely our nights returned to pre Bella!

On this basis we signed up for 5 home visit puppy training sessions.  Freya's insight into the psychic of our 4-legged friend helped us to understand and appreciate why our puppy was behaving as she was.  Face to face sessions are invaluable and allowed Freya to demonstrate with ease the best training technics and results for our pup, as well as instilling confidence in our own abilities and what cues to use to become authorative dog owners.

Locke's Dogs is run very efficiently from a business perspective too from appointment making, maintaining contact by email, providing pdf copies of the weekly training material to joining a dedicated FaceBook page dedicated to providing excellent help, advise and support to her clients.

We would thoroughly recommend Locke's Dogs and have so much admiration for this professional expert who has provided us with the fundamental training to make sure we all benefit for years to come and enjoy that special relationship with our dog Bella.

Thank you"

Leanne field

Just wanted to say thank you so much for your time, and taking both of us on. I've just finished a separation training session with Bella and I think she's finally cracked it. For the first time she slept the whole way through, and didn't feel the need to get up and wait when she woke herself up. She just flopped back down and went straight back to sleep. I felt a little giddy with excitement after that! We're now up to 5 mins and I'm now having to find things to do outside to fill the time - 5 minutes is a long time to not do anything haha.


I want to say thank you for being really patient with me, and making training so fun and easy for me to keep on top of. I was so worried that I'd be overwhelmed and we both wouldn't progress, but I'm so surprised and proud of the both of us and that is absolutely down to you and the hard work you put in. I was sad for our sessions to come to an end, but we've kept on top of what we've learned and getting stronger with those cues in the outside world - especially the lead training, I'm having to stop less and less and the progress has been phenomenal!


With your advice Bella is becoming more and more settled as each day goes along, I know she will only continue to improve and I'm excited to see the progress.


I don't think I can express how appreciative I am of having you with us for those 5 weeks, but you genuinely made it a joy and we both had so much fun!

Dawn barlow

We have just finished the behavioural modification course for our 3 dogs. Freya has given us some fantastic advice and we’re starting to see real progress with our dogs. Our little pack offered a few challenges not least 1 is deaf and partially sighted. Freya went above and beyond in order to research alternative training methods so that our deafie could be included in the training. We still have a way to go but the techniques we’ve developed together are certainly helping reduce reactivity on walks. The recent lockdown meant we did 3 sessions via zoom but that didn’t impact on the quality of the advice given. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her.

Tim vale

 She’s so much calmer and happier. Still getting a bit excited when she sees a new dog but seems so much more confident in herself and happy. Thanks again for all your help!

Elaine & Nellie

I have a English bull terrier pup who is very nippy - we are working with Freya to break this habit .

Also she is quite anxious about going for walk which we have been working on and she is coming on great with Freya’s suggestions and Freya actually come out with us on a walk, to show me how to help Nellie be less anxious.

Highly recommend Freya 😊.

Rebecca Maggot

Freya, at Locke's Dogs is working with us to help calm down our rather excitable dog. She had given us lots of advice and reasons behind his behaviour, as well as activities and games to help him maintain calm or achieve calm when he gets too excited. We are working hard with these activities and are confident we shall have a much calmer dog. Freya is always available to help with any little hiccups too. Highly recommended.

Tracy & Paul Collinson

Freya has been amazing supporting us with our two dogs.
Very patient and has some great training techniques easy to follow.
Freya has gone the extra mile with us and is always on the end of a message for support She has also made lots of follow up chats with us on our progress very supportive 
Thank you for being so amazing!
Highly recommend

Ruby Leslie

I find Freya incredibly supportive, helpful, caring and with a great understanding of dog behaviour. She's the best for dog training or behaviourist in her area.

Tasha Locke

  1. A massive thank you to LOCKES DOGS for caring for my beautiful old boy today, he was calm,safe and entertained without stress or worry for any of us whilst we had a crazy girlie craft party! Huge thanks to Freya Locke and her helper this week Aedan Locke for doing such a wonderful job today!
  2. Freya has worked wonders with both our mums pup and my old boy! 
    My dog is 10, the last 5 years he’s REALLY struggled with fireworks and thunder storms. Pants, climbs all over us, tries to hide in covers, gets himself in such a state. It breaks my heart. After a day of terrible storms, under Freya’s guidance she managed to help him calm down massively! She supported him through what was clearly scary for him. 
    The methods and time she invested in him in that time gave me the tools to support him when away from her.
    Today I was in the garden clearing away kids Toys and he was outside with me DURING a storm! Slightly panting but not my stressed and petrified soul like before! Simple AMAZING!!!! 

Fran Bentinck

Freya has been a great help to me and my dog George.. she has helped me understand and learn loose leash walking.. It's ongoing work but he is so much better in such a short space of time.. Her calm gentle approach and canine understanding makes her so easy to work with.. George adores being in her company and looks forward to his walks with her. I highly recommend her services. Thankyou Freya, you're a star!

Fran Barnfather

Molly enjoyed her 1st walk with Freya Locke and Aedan and looking forward to many more Thankyou x

Kelly Wallman

Thankyou Freya for all your help & advice. You really do go above and beyond. No hesitations in recommending Freya. 5*

Theo Stewart

I find Freya caring, knowledgeable and thorough. If your dog needs training or help and are in her area, Freya is definitely the lady to contact.