Our Services

We at Locke's Dogs offer a range of games and reward based positive training and behavioural modification packages and sessions. (See the dropdown menu under "Our Services" in the banner!).

From giving ideas and fun enrichment for those who simply want to treat their dog to something special and build on their relationship and friendship with them, to helping dogs over come problems with fears, reactivity and aggression, we have something for everyone.

We work through struggles by changing a dog's emotional state, while teaching them appropriate behaviours, instead of behaviours we are not so keen on!

We do this through positive, reward based techniques, and through the power of playing fun games.

We also promote a Fun Not Fear® life approach with your dog, as we know the best thing you can do for your dog (and yourself) is to create positivity, through enrichment, entertainment, good food and good stuff - just enjoying life together. In turn, a happy dog has less stress, leading to less behavioural issues, health issues and a happier life in general.

We do not use harsh or punishing training methods and we will never use tools such as ecollars, prong collars, spray collars, or any other outdated aversive methods. 

There is nothing that can be taught using fear, that can’t be taught with fun and kindness, apart from fear itself.

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