Things We Love!

Like any dog lovers, we have our favourite items that we use again and again and know your dogs will love. We do not have a shop of our own - if we did then these things would all be in it!

Yes - they are affiliate links but we only recommend things we use ourselves and have found to be of great quality and can recommend from first hand experience.

The fun not fear® app

Specifically designed with anxious dogs in mind, our app can help your dog to have an amazing life with you!

Access to your own behaviourist/trainer, support group and weekly updated content.

Fun Not Fear® Methods that concentrate on what you CAN do, through games and rewards to give confidence and enjoyment to both ends of the lead.

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We are proudly eco-friendly

As a vegan, the environment is a subject of great importance to me at Locke's Dogs and I am very proud to be part of. We are proudly Carbon Positive!

We know how important a good diet is for your dog, and so we are really pleased to recommend Naturavetal to our clients.

Unlike many faceless pet food brands who are all about filling your pets full of cheap ingredients, at maximum profit, without a care in the world for the environmental impact they are having, or the impact that eating rubbish is having on our pets, Naturavetal are very helpful and friendly. They know their own products inside out, and they care about each and every customer. Their food is made with recognisable and quality ingredients, and is something that I happily give my highly allergic dog Moo without worrying about what he is eating.

For those who are on a "ditch the bowl" feeding regime, the cold pressed food is awesome as it breaks into small pieces easily, while also being able to be fed alongside raw food without issues (at least in my experience).


We like our dogs to really love their toys, as this not only provides the best experience for them but it also means the best training experiences and results for you.

So we are proudly affilliated with Tug-e-nuff Dog Gear, where we source all of our training toys from and we know your dogs will love them too.

If you follow the above link OR us code "LOCKESDOGSTOYS" at checkout you will get 10% off your order! PLUS if you spend over £25 you get free delivery too!


We are affiliated with Amazon, but will only ever recommend things we use ourselves from the massive range of things available. If ever you need advice on equipment that is reliable or useful for you and your dog, please do ask! 

Shelly's Chews

Shelly's Chews is an Exning based, 100% natural dog treat and chew company, who can deliver around Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

For more information on how to order please feel free to contact them today on 07974 952429.