Have you got an anxious family dog? Is it impacting on their life? Or yours?
It makes us feel so sad when our dogs are unable to understand that the world is not so scary, and that we just want to help.
When your dog is just a shadow of who you know they can be.
Learn to understand your dog's anxiety, body language, and how to build them up from the inside, using Fun Not Fear® methods to be a more confident and happy dog, so that you can have that joy filled family dog you know is in there.
Starting August 1st 2021. 10 week course.

Fun Not fear® dog care school


Is your dog driving you to distraction with an undesirable behaviour, but you are too anxious to approach a dog trainer and get help?

  • Struggling with your lockdown puppy or adult dog's basic training, but don't know what to do?
  • Need to get your dog groomed, or to a vet, but are worried about how you will  cope with the appointment?
  • Can't go to classes as they are full of people, and you are worried they might speak to you and cause you to panic?
  • Embarrassed on walks - you think everyone is looking at you and judging your dog's behaviour?
  • Mouthing at people, and you are scared they might nip too hard?
  • Jumping up and countersurfing?
  • Digging for England?
  • Not letting you leave the house without crying, barking or destroying something?
  • Worried about people judging you for not having control of your dog, and not knowing how to take care of them as well as you would like?

Or is your dog unable to cope with new people and new situations? Are they easily made worried by triggers? Barking and lunging, or cowering, hiding or freezing?

You and your dog are getting pretty fed up... right? 

We at Locke's Dogs are acutely aware of the impact that social anxiety, panic disorder, agoraphobia and other similar struggles can have on a person's life. We also know how dogs with anxiety struggles find it difficult to meet new people and be in new places.

We have developed our Fun Not Fear® Dog Care School, with the help and the input of experts in various dog and human fields, PLUS!!  access to all the learning you could need, regular lives and access to your Fun Not Fear® Behaviourist. 

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PLUS!!! We have our Fun Not Fear® Foundation Class, where you and your dog can learn basic training together from the comfort of your living room! Keep checking back as classes will run regularly.


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Understand your dog's resource guarding issues and how to overcome them.

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Teach your dog to toilet in the right places, at the right time.

As well as our ever popular 121 training courses, we are now proud to present our Fun Not Fear® Foundation Class!

You can learn with our modern virtual school, from the comfort of your living room, with a very small class of other dogs and guardians, how to master all the basic cues, such as "sit", "down", "wait", good doggy manners, loose leash walking, and teach your dog concepts such as confidence or toilet training, all in our super friendly and informal school. You will have access to Freya (your instructor), plus your own page of resources and lesson recordings, and will be able to rewatch as often as you like!