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Enriching your Dog's Life made Easy!!

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Reading this book and thoroughly recommend it. Enrichment is so important to your dogs mental wellbeing, can improve all kinds of behaviour and will strengthen your bond too. What better way to do it than through your dog's dinner?
Sniffing and chewing, and foraging about are all natural behaviours which can calm your over aroused dog, give them something positive to occupy their time with - instead of digging or barking perhaps?, release happy hormones as they "win" each little piece of food - creating a positive feedback loop that makes them want to use the item again and again, and will help to transform fussy eaters into dogs who enjoy snacking.
As an absoluteDOGS Pro Dog Trainer, one of the things we very often recommend (even in behaviour cases) is "Ditch The Bowl". Even if you can't ditch the bowl entirely for some reason, there is no reason why your dog can't enjoy some of the fabulous ideas in here!
I promise, by switching out some of your dog's regular boring old meals for fun enrichment opportunities, it will make a world of difference.
*affiliate link - but i only ever recommend things i use myself, and like!!

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