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As part of my exploration around my Absolute Dogs Pro Dog Trainer 2018 course, i came across tug-e-nuff, the products they use and recommend. On going through the website i found the reviews were glowing for ALL of their products.
Their training treats are of very high quality, and have ingredients clearly listed, so if like Moo the Assistant, your dog has to watch what he eats because of allergies or intolerances, you can see immediately what REAL ingredients are in the recipe.

The toys all are fabulous quality, and designed with training in mind, so make the experience fun as well as safe and entertaining for your dog.

I quickly ordered some gear for my spoilt boy, and was very impressed with the smooth checkout and the speed of delivery.

So, we have proudly affiliated with tug-e-nuff, to bring you the best toys and treats, and more, for your dog. If you click the link on this website, or use the code "LOCKESDOGSTOYS" at checkout you will recieve free delivery.

Please check back regularly for exclusive discounts and promotions!

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