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Training without training.

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Here is a very, very powerful piece of advice that i will share with you:

 "What we practice in life we get good at".

Especially if it means practicing something we enjoy, or find rewarding and motivating. Sometimes we learn things without even realising we learned them. The brain is a clever piece of kit, that can be shaped by what you use it for, and this shaping can then be transferred to other areas of life.

Take for example, your mobile phone. When you first got it, you took it out of the box and charged it up. You then turned it on, you worked out how to use the menu, to log into your social media, to use the music player and pop some music into it, you learned how to take pictures with the camera, you worked out how to text, how to call numbers, how to use the internet, watch films and play the games. All great skills in themselves and highly rewarding. But what did you also learn?
You learned how to use the touchscreen or keypad, and whats more is you got very good at it. 

phone pic

Imagine spending time just trying to learn to use a key pad... how boring would that be? But by adding in all the rewarding and fun stuff, you picked it up without even realising. Now you know how to use your phone's touchscreen, i am willing to bet you can transfer that knowledge into using a tablet's touchscreen quite quickly too.

Teaching your dog certain to be good at certain areas in life can work exactly the same way. For instance, if you take a shallow cardboard box, fill it with different objects such as scrunched up paper, foil, balls, and different noises and textures, and then scatter feed your dog's food through it, by allowing him to rummage around and find nice things, he is not only learning to use his nose and keeping himself occupied while having fun, he is also learning confidence around all these items, noise and textures. With practice, confidence is something he can learn without even realising it. 

He can then take this confidence and apply it elsewhere - like while outside on a walk.


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Freya x

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