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Aedan's Work Experience Week One - By Aedan!

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I've been on Work Experience this week - and will be for the next week also - and there are quite a few things to talk about, as this week has been eventful.                                              I'll start off with Saturday, to where we started off on the gentle side, to ease me into things, as I was helping to look after a Bearded Border Collie Cross named Gareth*. Every few hours, we would go in and make sure that he was doing alright, put him out to the toilet, feed him, play with him, and just make sure everything was in order. I enjoyed doing this as when I got around to playing with him, there was a beautiful and large back garden to go around, so there was plenty of space.                                                                                                    Early on Sunday morning, we woke up and took Gareth* out for his walk. The owners were due back in just a few hours, so that meant that our time with Gareth* was almost up - although we'll walk him all throughout next week - so we moved onto walking with a new dog, a Cocker Spaniel by the name of Polly*. She was adorable! This was our first time walking her, so we were just seeing how she worked with other nearby dogs and people. She is really well-behaved, and we can't wait to walk her again.                                          Throughout the week, I've also been posting about this on Facebook, and I've been learning about how to manage the page there behind-the-scenes, show people what's going on with our business, and keep everyone up-to-date on the latest dog care advice. It's important to do this as it provides people from far and wide a way to be in contact with us and give them a chance to be part of what we do. Locke's Dogs also works with INTO Dogs and manages the Dogs Welfare Alliance, which is vital because they promote force-free, kind methods of training, and do their best to help dogs in need, hence the reason why we went to Snetterton - so I could see for myself the dogs that were in rescue. 

aed3                                                         Monday was the day that we went to Snetterton's Dogs Trust centre, which had loads of dogs that were just so sweet, and the staff were very friendly too. One of them was so cute that I decided to go ahead and sponsor him, as then he would have nice toys and food from me as well as the staff no matter how long he would stay there. Seeing the dogs there was quite emotionally confusing, as I loved seeing them there, but at the same time, the fact that so many dogs were there was kind of upsetting as that meant owners were possibly mistreating or leaving their dogs. I understand dogs being passed on as their owners come to pass away, but it wouldn't be as busy as it was should that be the only case. This is one of the reasons why I decided to help out and sponsor a dog.                                                                                               Of course, with it being July, the weather was always going to be warm, which is always nice to go to the beach in, but when it comes to dog-walking, the sun being high in the sky is not an indication to take dogs for a walk. Luckliy, we can still enjoy the beautiful scenery in the evenings, as the sun is still providing enough light to walk around in, and yet it's not too hot for dogs on the pavement. And it's also the time to where you just want to relax, which is usually the case around these times, too.                                                                                So after watching the England/Colombia game, I woke up on Wednesday morning and decided that I would go through my Dogs' BFF course and finish it. This is something that I had been working on over the whole weekend, just going through a few chapters and learning about the behaviour of dogs and the conditions of a good relationship, which also led into force-free training - our method of training. I passed the test with flying colours and achieved the Dogs' BFF Award, something which I am very proud of still. We also did two straight walks with a Stafford Shire Bull Terrier and a Tibetan Terrier throughout Wednesday evening, which were tiring, but were both very good bits of exercise and I still enjoyed them both quite a lot. I even got awarded an honourary Friends' Membership from INTO Dogs!

There is still a lot of time on this Work Experience - which I am very happy about, as I am loving this - and so I can expect a lot more walking, that's for sure!                                          They say that work doesn't feel like work when you're having fun, and that's exactly how I'm feeling about all of this. Long continue the fun of learning about dogs!

*Names changed for confidentiality purposes


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  1. Andrew Hale

    Sounds like you've managed to a lot in this first week. It is so important to get experience around different dogs, breeds etc and it sounds like you've been able to that well. Congratulations on gaining your BFF award! And welcome to INTODOGS ?

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