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Hi guys, Moo here, hoping you are enjoying the sunshine.

Just a gentle reminder to ask that all you dog guardians please, please, please - DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DOGS IN HOT CARS - It can become fatal very, very quickly, and is a horrible way for your best friend to die. Instead - if you can't take the dog with you (wherever you drove your car to), and you can't get someone responsible to stay with your dog to ensure it's comfort, then please just leave your dog at home! If you are going to be out of your home for a long time, then please consider day care or a dog walker to come in and check on your dog, allow him to toilet, fill water bowls etc. 

There are always alternatives to leaving your dog to swelter to death in a hot car.

Check out this link  for more info on keeping your dog cool.

Moo The Assistant xx

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