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We at Locke's Dogs firmly believe that all people looking to get a dog, or any pet, should first consider rehoming one of the thousands of loving pets, waiting in rescue kennels for somebody to love them. Most are there through no fault of their own, some have had an awful time in life, and all deserve to be part of a family. As part of this, we have trained to become voluntary homecheckers, for The Animal Team.


Alongside helping to run The Dog Welfare Alliance - a non profit organisation, and also using our force free, positive reward based, holistic approach to behavioural work and training, we really want to make a difference to our canine buddies, just as they make such a difference to us, and improve their lives where we can ♥

" ♥ Locke's Dogs Holistic Canine Behaviour Practitioner - Helping you to help your dog ♥ "

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