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Hope you are all enjoying a sunny Bank Holiday Monday! Mum say's when it cools down later we are off to a fayre in the village up the road. Am not quite sure how I will deal with all those people, but mum say's it will be cool to go and get lots of treats and see how close i can get before I feel worried. She promises we will back right off again if I do, and that I have to stay "under threshold" (whatever that is... I just heard the word 'treat' and the rest of what she said became a bit of a jumble.)

Mum is also very excited this weekend as the principal of her college, The ISCP - International School of Canine Psychology & Behaviour, is planning on spending more time with her dog Skye, and asked my mum to help take care of something called "The Dog Welfare Alliance." Mum says they help dogs who live in shelters get some of the things they need like food, vet care and more. I can't understand why anyone would want to see a vet but mum says its important, so i guess it must be.

Off to eat some roast lamb and jacket potato.

Moo The Assistant. 


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