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CPD plans and further education at Locke's Dogs

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As part of my full Membership of both IntoDogs, and ICAN - International Companion Animal Network, I have to complete a certain amount of CPD (continuing professional development) hours, so I can make sure I am up to date with the latest methods and ideas in Canine Behaviour, and in dog training. A bit like teacher training days, but for doggy folk.

My current plans for the rest of this year include finishing the ISCP Advanced Diploma, which is a level 6 (degree level) qualification, and also to do the Canine Principles Holistic Canine Behaviour Diploma. 

Holistic Canine care is something that very much interests me and so I will be looking to develop my knowledge in this area over the coming year as much as possible. I believe it is very important to consider the whole picture in most areas of life, and canine behaviour and health is no exception. Treating the cause and not just the symptoms of canine problems is definately the way to go!

Freya x

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