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Do you want to build a Snow-Moo?

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Hello, Moo the assistant here, having a great time in the snow. I am half Tibetan Terrier, and they live up snowy mountains, so I am well equipped for days like today. Lots of other dogs are not though, so please make sure you keep them warm, perhaps put the heating on for an extra couple of hours in the daytime, and if your dog doesn't have thick warm fur, then a jumper or coat might be in order. If it's too cold for walkies then why not teach them a new trick, or practice basic training, or have a game of hide and seek around the house? Playing and training can be a great way to wear your furry friend out, and will help stop them getting bored.

Another very important thing - Mum said absolutely do not let any pets near antifreeze, be it in a spray, a grit, or a bottle. Antifreeze tastes like yummy dog treats but can kill us!! Nasty stuff!! She also said to make sure we do not lick gritting salt off our feet if we do go out for a walk, and to clean our feet when we get home, as the salt can cause all sorts of very nasty problems for our skin, our kidneys and our tummys, and may even have antifreeze in it too!!

Keep safe!

Moo x

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