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Meet Me (Freya), and Moo The Assistant!

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me and moo

Hi and welcome to Locke's Dogs, I am Freya and this is Moo. Moo is the Locke's Dogs Assistant, letting me know when a delivery or the post is imminent, when it is lunchtime, checking treats are of adequate and consistant quality, and is also my personal fitness trainer (he does nag a bit for his walk if I dare run 5 minutes late!) .

After a lifetime of looking after my family, I decided at the grand old age of 37, to embark upon learning about my passion in life, Canine Psychology and Behaviour, and I set about creating "Locke's Dogs". 

My vision for Locke's Dogs is to make dog's lives happier, by helping owners make healthy choices for them, enrich their dog's lives and by helping them overcome behavioural issues and fears, by way of consultations, behaviour modification and recommending items, experiences and learning, using only Positive, Reward Based methods, and never using aversives such as choke chains and shock collars. It is my firm belief that many behavioural issues are anxiety and fear based in origin, and you can't treat fear by making an animal more scared.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my site!

Freya, and Moo the Assistant.

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