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  1. When it's too Hot to Trot.

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    Wow it's been hot lately and we are not always used to it!! So when it's too hot to go on walks, what can we do to keep entertained?


    Mum puts my dinner and treats into puzzle toys like Kongs, clams, and balls with holes in - or you can make your own with plastic bottles, or you can play sprinkles down the garden. Snuffle mats and pickpocket food forager mats are great fun too!!

    She says making me work for my food gives my brain a workout without too much wear on my body.

    Plastic paddling pools with cool water in them - like this , or perhaps a hose with a sprinkler attachment can be great fun for me - but mum says not too much running around in the sun please as i can still overheat or even get a sunburn while splashing about!!

    I also have my walkies nice and early in the morning, and late in the evening, when the temperatures have dropped, and rather than putting in lots of miles, mum lets me have a good sniff instead - sniffing is just as important as walking to me!


    Keep hydrated, find some shade, and have a good sleep through the summer!!!

    Love  Moo the Assistant!