Behavioural Modification

Canine Behavioural Visit - £75 

Newmarket (Suffolk) and surrounding areas covered.

I am a Certified and Accredited Canine Behaviour Practitioner, and I will spend up to 2 hours with you and your family in your home, during which time I will assess Canine Behavioural Problems, and together we will come up with a plan of action to help your dog move forward with any difficulties he may be having, using force free, positive reward based methods. 

Please read terms and conditions before booking.


Full Behaviour Modification Package - £250

A full 121 Behavioural Modification Package, comprising of an Initial Canine Behaviour Consultation, plus 4 more weekly visits, bespoke action plans and training, to teach games, techniques and methods of getting to a happy place with your dog. This package also includes ongoing support via Facebook or by phone.
Please read terms and conditions before booking


Video consultations  - £15 for 30 minutes, can be offered for some issues via our Facebook page, by appointment. Message us on facebook for advice on whether this service is suitable for your issue. Please read terms and conditions before booking.*****

To book a visit please contact me here or call 07510282169 (between 9.30am and 6.00pm) to arrange a mutually convenient appointment. Please leave me your phone number or Email address and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

All services can be paid for by cash, bank transfer or paypal. I do not accept cheques. 

Please Note:

Behaviour work and obedience training, while heavily interlinked, are two quite different things, and require different skill sets and approaches. Training will teach a dog what you want him to do - to follow commands such as "sit", "stay" etc, whereas behavioural work will teach your dog how to feel about things. For example, a reactive dog, who is afraid of other dogs on-leash and may bark and lunge, can be trained to not bark and lunge, however it may be better to help the dog not feel the need to be afraid in the first place, thus not only eliminating the behaviour but also making the dog feel happier and more relaxed.  

For if your dog requires ongoing help, please consider our Full Behavioural Modification Package. We will ask if you would like this as part of our Canine Behavioural Visit, but you can also book via the contact page at any time should you feel you need to. Don't forget you can always contact me for a quick question or a chat on our Facebook page too!