Absolute dogs - Stop barking Mini-course

Does Your Dog Like to Sing the Song of Their People?

Does your dog’s barking drive you mad?

  • Do they bark at the neighbours?
  • Are they barking at delivery people or people walking past your house?
  • Do they bark at you to get your attention?

Barking can be a real deal-breaker in any dog-owning relationship.

Constant yapping or barking can be stressful for you and your beloved dog, but it doesn’t have to be this way. While barking is a way dogs communicate, inappropriate and excessive barking is not.

AbsoluteDOGS have a brand-new Stop Barking mini-course that is jam-packed full of top tips, games, strategies, and solutions to transform ALL your dog’s barking struggles. Are you ready for total dog training transformation?

The Stop Barking mini-course is exactly what you need and as an AbsoluteDOGS Pro Dog Partner, I’m excited to share this mini-course with you!

With this mini-course you can:

✔️ Say goodbye to attention seeking/demand barking

✔️ Reduce barking at strange noises and novel sounds

✔️ Resolve anxious barking and vocalisation due to separation struggles

✔️ Stop reactivity and barking toward visitors or passers-by

For the AMAZING price of just £27 GBP / $36 USD you are going to get:

  • Real-life solutions to arm you with all you need to achieve a quiet household
  • 5 Game Up videos, demonstrating practical games to train your dog in just a few minutes a day!
  • 5 Skill Up videos, where you get to geek out and learn all about how games-based training can help you reduce your dog’s barking once and for all, regardless of your dog’s age, breed or history!
  • Terrific troubleshooting top tips on all the most common barking struggles faced by dog owners all over the world!
  • Immediate and lifetime access to the course – so you can play again and again, as often as you want!
  • Video captions
  • If you need any support through the course, I (Freya) will be happy to help you! Just get in touch through the Contact Page.

Are you ready for the relief of a calmer AND quieter household and more relaxed, fun times with your dog?

Jump into the Stop Barking mini-course today!

I can’t wait to see your transformation!