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"There is nothing that can be taught with fear, that can't be taught with fun, apart from fear itself" ~ Freya V. Locke Iscp.adv.canine.prac, pdt, mcma

Do you have a barking, lunging, over aroused, anxious or fearful dog? or do you simply want to set your dog up to be less likely to encounter these struggles?

Dogs can struggle with their emotions and feelings just like humans do. This can lead to all kinds of behavioural struggles and problems.

Luckily, at Locke's Dogs, we specialise in helping dogs to be more confident, well rounded, happy individuals.

We are proud of our Fun Not Fear® philosophy, games & reward based techniques, and we never use aversive or punishing methods. 

From teaching them the foundations of a Fun Not Fear® life (to help stop problems from ever starting), to turning around aggression, over arousal, phobias and fearful behaviours, we make it so that your dog can have an even more amazing life with you. 

  About Freya, your trainer and behaviourist.

Freya has a wealth of experience with training and behaviour and is highly qualified, chartered, certified and accredited. 

Utilising a 121 setting to help you and your dog, using rewards and game based methods to create fun and enjoyable sessions that you and your dog will enjoy, she can work in your home within 10 miles of Newmarket, Suffolk, UK - or over a virtual setting worldwide.

Freya is the owner, creator and founder of the Fun Not Fear® Club for helping dogparents to create an amazing life with their anxious or behaviourally challenged dogs.

Freya is also the author of The Fun Not Fear® Club book!

Freya is a proud Certified Behaviourist member of The Association of INTODogs and is head of The Dog Welfare Alliance.

Freya is currently studying Canine Behaviour at Clinical Level.

Freya is also a KAD - Kids Around Dogs Approved Trainer. KAD helps children to overcome their phobias of dogs through an especially designed protocol.

Freya is also a Canine Training Professional with the Pet Professional Guild.

Freya is both a RCDTBP Signatory and a Chartered Behaviourist.

Freya is a proud Patron of ICAN: International Companion Animal Network

In her spare time, she is also a carer, enjoys time with her own dog - a Springador named Twyla, and loves yarn crafts and vegan food.


The Fun Not Fear® Club: Get a Fun Not Fear® Life with your dog

Freya V. Locke

We take our commitment to making the world better for dogs very seriously- this includes protecting the world in which they live.

We put together a whole way of teaching both people and dogs who have anxiety related struggles. We believe BOTH ends of the lead should be supported.

reward based training

We strongly believe in the rights of all animals to live a happy life, free from fear and cruelty. We will never use aversives in our training.

highly qualified trusted and experienced

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